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Most computer assemblage series start with a story and an overall pattern that I illustrate. I prefer maze and key patterns or designs where lines intertwine. I also like to use weave structures and fabric design as inspiration. At times, my poetry leads the choices for images.

Then I gather objects or photographs to photograph or scan. Sometimes I build objects, like DNA out of Tinker Toys, to add to my visual vocabulary. I work in Photoshop to enhance the images and build the composition. My work is physically layered and I started doing this kind of work before Photoshop had layers. It wasn't easy!

Most of my computer assemblage series contain hand weaving to strengthen the connection between the digital world and fiber world because the loom was the first computer. Both understand simply yes or no. Up or down. On or off. 0 or 1.

I love it when a decision comes together!

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