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Shell Cell first started as a sculptural piece about how we appear to others as a reflection of themselves. Then the inside became more about my appearance inside and out. I continued to use the imagery of lovely roses with barb wire as I saw myself. Beauty to look at, but don't touch!

hee hee

The spiral is woven together with tiny barb wire I made and stands in the golden spiral as patterned in the images.

You'll see the Fisher Price Little People that I use as an icon of myself when I was young or discovering.

The spiral barb wire pattern created aries-like horns which is the chemical symbol for calcium which is what shell are made of.

The DNA models are some of the Christmas ornaments I made for a museum fundraiser. My tree had a spectrum cascade of bejeweled DNA and snowflakes made of puzzle jigsaw pieces. You'll find those ornaments pop up in other assemblages.

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