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My Fire Suit and Barbara's Jacket, hand dyed and hand woven rayon

Unique as you are one of a kind handcrafted art, apparel and textiles with individual style that is as distinct as yourself.

Color Style System
- it is a way to look and feel your best.

Fiber in Action -
unique yarns.

Artful Flair
- Just in case you need one or fifteen pieces of flair.

When I'm not selling my wares, you can discover selections of my art apparel at Purple Haze Lavender Farm Shop and Museum & Arts Center in Downtown Sequim, WA. Check out some products.
one of a kind

__ I create a selection of designs and products that are colorful and unique from the starting point of hand dyed yarn, to hand woven fabric made into apparel, and silk scarves with the distinguishing process of digitally printing on the silk and then hand painting over them. The skeins of yarns are all dyed in vivid and exciting colorways in several fiber types like cotton, rayon, wool and mohair. The yarns can be used for weaving, knitting and any other fiber craft. The apparel made of hand dyed and hand woven fabric yardage contains kaleidoscopic color blends with an eloquent flair. Each item of clothing is a one of kind piece of art made of cotton, silk, rayon, wool, mohair and nylon.
__ The silk scarves have a multi-layered process starting with photographing flowers and enhancing their colors and pose. Then they are digitally transformed into a pattern and printed directly onto the silk. Each printed scarf as a different design, no two are alike. To add more color and dimension, they are then hand painted with dye. All the products done by unique as you embrace the empowerment of brilliant hues and individualism expressed in appearance.

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