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I attended the Northwest Film Center School of Film at the Portland Art Museum while in high school. I moved into video and computer based media while attending Lewis & Clark College and part of my senior thesis was in video.

My hypermedia projects in HyperCard at LC focused on the artful life in Portland OR and artists guides in 1989. This interactive work was the precursor to the World Wide Web.

My undergrad video work included music videos, science and social documentaries, and thesis work about the Crazed Weazels a fictitious band that include Twenty-Two Natural Laws and 22.

I shifted into educational presentations and WWW work after I earned my BS in Art at LC as an exercise of my teaching at Monterey Peninsula College. Currently, my business, unique as you, includes web work and training, as well as, I use interactive media with my classes and lectures.

My first machinima, Virtual Expressions and Immersive Art, was on display at the Strait Art 2011 exhibition at the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center.

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