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May Day

This series of 12 was a celebration of my upcoming marriage and the stories behind flowers. I started with the hand weaving in the background which was an abalone pattern with white and opal hues. We had planned on getting married on Abalone Beach on the way to Big Sur. But, the flood wiped out the bridge to get there, so Castle Rock Beach in Carmel was Plan B. Then created unique interlocking patterns for each piece to express the union of marriage.

Some of the myths behind the flowers are not always the happiest of tales. But, I used more that had joy and sharing of lives. She wore daisies is about the day Alan and I met. I wore a red dress with white daisies, which was cool because Alan has used the daisy in several of his sculptures.

  cherry blossoms in their prime infinity2 dive in action = reaction  
  cosmos - chaos keys to my heart little me sharing crayons  
  she wore daisies        
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