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Renne Emiko Brock

P O Box 2633 Sequim WA 98382

-460-3023 10AM-6PM
Renne Emiko Brock

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courses-call Virtual World Education and Immersive Environments

Snapshot from The Past, Present, and Future of Virtual
World Education
at Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education Conference 2012.

Hope to see you at the Virtual World Best Practices in Education March in 2021 where I will be presenting!

YouTube Playlist of Virtual Worlds and XR Presentations by Zinnia Zauber / Renne Emiko Brock

Second Life MOOC Sept 2021

Visit my virtual lesson in Second Life at my gallery and classroom


Join me in VIrtual Worlds and Immersive Environments

Discover the future of 3-D online existence and investigate immersive environments built for collaboration, economics, art, activism, and educational opportunities. Learn to create an avatar, navigate through the virtual world of Second Life, and engage in innovative learning. Engage in innovative learning, create virtual goods, and research your personal interests. Investigate the cutting edge of communication, business, and innovation.

Let's get started! Avatar Onboarding! Get your handout there!

Please review these slideshows and videos to prepare for joining me in the virtual world of Second Life.


SLMOOC16 Zinnia Zauber Authentic Avatars: Superheroes Without Secret Identities Video

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