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Excerpts from Interactive Artist's Gallery Talk: Observation and Interpretation of Color Communication through Clothing

"The human body is not as brilliantly colored like other living things in nature. We express ourselves in our clothing to act as moving artwork. Our choices invite emotions and memories, as well as stimulate the senses of ourselves and others. Nature uses color for a variety of reasons-as a warning, to attract a mate, or for a dominant or camouflaged appearance. As humans, we do the same thing."
hue and you

Do your clothing color choices communicate your true nature? Color is my passion and lifelong study. I devised the unique as you color style system to streamline expression and enhance your personal passion and ambitions. What do you want to convey? Each style set in the system uses the clear language of color. I created apparel and do personal evaluations using my color style system. You can learn even more by taking a What Hue are You? class or from my interactive publications.

What set of colors do you relate to? Mouse over and click to reveal.
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"All art intuitively apprehends coming changes in the collective unconsciousness." - Carl Gustav Jung



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