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m i s s i o n
Just as the name implies,
unique as you
combines individual style with inventive expression.

As a fine artist and instructor, I'm interested in developing custom designs that are striking and informative.

My services are a personal business as an extension of my knowledge base and desire to create.

My intention is to facilitate your vision with beauty and dynamic articulation.


s o l u t i o n s

Please visit my brand new website design for Museum & Arts Center in the Sequim ~ Dungeness Valley.

c r e a t i v e . s e r v i c e s

unique as you services -

Exhibition, marketing, identity branding, and creative coaching.

Graphic design, image enhancement, custom website design, and site administration.

What Hue Are You? Color Style System including personal expression, appearance, apparel, and environment improvement.

p r o d u c t s
From fiber to fabric to fashion. You can find selections of my art apparel based on my Color Style System.
i d e a s
The Buzz Website has a honeycomb navigation with busy bees.

Greenweave's cards contain a farm fresh feel and black sheep outstanding in their field.
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