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Fine Arts

Museum & Arts Center, Sequim WA, Nov 2006 - present
Classes taught: What Hue are You?
Magic Wands & Masks – Photoshop for Artists
Pen Power & Vector – Illustrator for Artists
Fabricated Fable - Digital Printing on Fabric

Sequim Arts, Sequim WA, Feb 2006.
Color and Meaning

North Olympic Shuttle & Spindle Guild, Sequim WA, Sept 2005 - present
Classes taught: Polymer Clay Fabulous Fasteners
Apparel Assertion
Fabricated Fable - Digital Printing on Fabric

The Stitching Heron, Sequim WA, July 2004.
Fabric Dyeing & Batik Workshop Wax on - Wax off

A Mingled Yarn, Sequim WA, Jan 2005 - 2006.
Classes taught: Confidence with Color
What Hue are You?
Introduction to Color Theory – Beginning
Application of Color Theory – Intermediate

The Lyceum of Monterey County, Monterey CA, Jan 1999 - Jan 2002.
Classes taught: Acrylic Painting
Playing with Patterns
M.C. Escher & Tessellations
Fab Fabric

La Mesa Elementary School, Monterey CA, Sept 1994 - May 1995.
Classes taught: Painting
Mono Prints
Color Theory
Theater Set Design
Art Exhibition

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teaching profile

Graphic Design

Peninsula Collge, Port Angeles WA, Jan 2008 - present
Classes taught: Basic Computing XP Level I
Basic Computing XP Level II
Photoshop Elements 1
Website Design Basics
Computer Basics
Digital Photography
Website Design
Photoshop Elements

Monterey Peninsula College, Monterey CA, Mar 1997 - Feb 2003.
Classes taught: Digital Imaging for Artists
Introduction to Photoshop
Photoshop II
Introduction to Computers for Graphic Arts
Mac Basics
Graphic Arts Projects
Digital Media Practicum
Digital Media Lab

The Lyceum of Monterey County, Monterey CA, June 2000 - Jan 2002.
Classes taught: Internet Adventures (IA)
IA - Activities About Lake El Estero
IA - Downtown Monterey Hidden Treasures
IA - Ocean Adventures


- Digital Media
- 2-D design
- Color theory and application
- Sculpture
- Textiles and fashion design
- Curation and installation

Curriculum Integration

- Cross discipline studies
- Multiple intelligence
- Diversity issues
- Student based learning
- Originate inquiry

Senior Thesis - Crazed Weazels' 12 stage costumes, marketing materials, and mock documentary, 22.

Reflection and Reaction Series
Element of MFA in Visual Art.
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